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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back To School...

It's August already. The boys start school on Wednesday. Nolan will be in 5th and Zachary in 3rd. They both got the teachers they wanted so they are pretty excited. Jaelene starts school the following Monday. Kindergarten has testing the first 3 days and then they start the normal stuff later. Jaelene signed up for full day Kindergarten. She is so excited. She's been driving me nuts with a count down all Summer. Madalie is driving me crazy as well. She keeps talking about when she is going to school. She doesn't quite get that she has to wait another year. I've decided that I'll just teach her from home to make her happy. She's going to drive me nuts while the rest of the kids are at school all day. Oh well she's the last one so I'm going to enjoy my time with her. Clint starts school in the next few weeks. This time he is taking Psychology, Chemistry, and something else. I can't remember. He's not exactly looking forward to it. He took the Summer off, so the break was nice for all of us. I have a check up on the 28th and as always they make me nervous. I'm sure everything will be fine, but I still get anxious. This Summer we went to California for a week and visited some family. Zachary turned 8 in July and we participated in our first Relay for Life in August. Our team collected $2,328.70. We are definitely going to try and beat that next year. I stared a few months later and for it being our first time we did pretty good. Zachary is going to be Baptized on the 1st of September. We are pretty excited about that. Maybe I'll share an update before the new year. =) Thanks for following!

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