April 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013


As a cancer survivor I get asked how I'm doing all the time. It doesn't bother me. I love telling people that I'm great and that I beat cancer. It gives hope to everyone. Cancer is scary and it can kill, but it doesn't always win. I get asked how I'm feeling. Well now I feel great, but it took a long time to feel this way. After chemo and radiation, my body was dead. I was always tired. It didn't take much to knock me out. I couldn't keep up with anything. The house was a mess and to clean one room would make me feel like I ran a marathon. I just patiently waited till my body got back to normal. Almost a year after chemo I was still tired and Clint found something he wanted me to try. The pessimist that I am thought he was crazy. What he found was a drink called Galaxy. Galaxy is a high impact blend of super fruits and foods. It's full of nutrient-rich antioxidants. This stuff is amazing. My husband and in-laws drink it as well. I believe in this product so much that we decided to sell it. I want everyone I know to know about this product. It has changed my life. Please check out our website and see what other products we have. Feel free to ask any questions. Our website is There is currently a doctor at BYU running test on Galaxy. You can read on report by googling Dr. Booth, Galaxy, and Intech. The results are amazing. Thanks for reading my blog I hope you decide to follow me and Transform Your Life

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