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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Since the beginning of this "wild ride" I have never really needed Hope. When they said it was Cancer they also said Hodgkin's. It's the most curable. So I knew I would live. I didn't need Hope. I had Faith that I was going to live. I still have Faith that I'm going to live. At my last appointment with mt Oncologist she said I needed another PET Scan and the results would determine whether I need more Chemo. Now I need Hope. I'm really hoping my test results are good. I hate Chemo and I don't want to do four more infusions. The last two have been terrible. They leave me with a pain I can only describe as someone poking needles into my bones. Not fun. I take pain meds and all it does is dull the pain. Even if I take 10 mg of Lortab. It makes my head fuzzy and dulls the pain, but I still feel it. Two weeks ago it localized in my left arm and this time in my Right. I did finally find some relief. If I take a HOT HOT bath and keep my arm under water it relieves the pain. I've been trying to figure out how I can parent four kids from the tub, but it isn't going so well. =)Oh well I'm going to go back to that Hope thing and Hope my chemo is over. Then we can continue my treatment with Radiation and start my road to recovering from treatment and being a Cancer Survivor. I can put that on my Resume right? I will forever be a Cancer Survivor. Kinda crazy to think of that, but it's better than the alternative.

I can't wait for my hair to grow back. My head is freezing. I'm always wearing a beanie. I can't believe how cold I am without hair. I totally understand why Clint likes it. I have a wig that my sweet sister bought me for Mother's day, but it's kinda itchy, so I don't always wear it.

So this weekend I will be praying and on Monday I have my PET Scan and I will pass.

Thanks for the love, support, and prayers.

Love Always, Sumer

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  1. xoxo sweetie! praying and wishing all goes well!