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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remission Baby!!! =)

So on Monday I had my PET Scan. That appointment went well. There wasn't any complications. I got a nap. It was great. After it was over I was starving from having to fast, so I went to Wing Coop for wings and onion rings. Yummy. =)

On Tuesday I had my Radiation set up appointment. That was, lets say horrible!!! They put me in a robe which I never like. They had me lay on a CT table and put my chin back as far as I could. They put a mouth guard in my mouth and then put this warm mesh over my face. The mesh is to make a mask to keep my head in the same position every time I have treatment. They gave me small eye holes, but I still couldn't see. I'm claustrophobic so this wasn't fun for me. The mesh drys and hardens. It's strapped down on my face and can't move my head at all. They were working on me and I couldn't see what was going on. All I could do was hear them. Oh did I mention I was exposed from the waist up except for a "wash cloth bikini" That was fun. As they were talking they started marking my body with a sharpie marker. They then took some CT images. When they came back in to the room they started talking about tattoos. At this point I'm a lil freaked and I'm ready to have this mask removed. They let me know it will be a few minutes more. When the mask is finally removed they let me know that they have to give me four pin size tattoos to mark my body for radiation. It's used to line me up for treatment. I have one just under my biopsy scar, one above my left breast, and one on each shoulder. It hurt, but I think a IV hurts worse. When that was done, I was done.

I have a vitrification radiation appointment on Wednesday. They just have a trial run to make sure everything is lined up. My first actual radiation appointment is Thursday the 2nd. I will have 10 total treatments. Treatments are Mon-Fri. My last one will be on the 15th. The day before my 11th Wedding Anniversary. =)

So now to Remission!!! =) I got to look at my PET Scan and we don't have any hot spots. Just scar tissue. I guess that is normal. Yay!!! I'm so excited. No more chemo!!! That is the best news I've heard all year long.

The above photo is of my PET Scan Pre-treatment. The photo below is Post-treatment.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. I would never had been able to get through this with out you. I love you all.

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