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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Shaving Party

So my hair is falling out. Not in big clumps like some people, but it's a lot to me. I'm clogging the shower and when I turn my head in the middle of the night I'm waking up because I'm getting tickled by little hairs. Annoying!!! I could leave it alone and just continue making trips to the trash to throw handfulls away. Or I could just shave it and start over. It was a tough decision that I don't regret. I'm shaving. We got together with the family and had a shaving party. My husband Clint shaved everyones head. I helped him with his. =) My Step Dad, Father-in-law and boys shaved their heads. My boys were on Spring Break so I let Nolan have a mohawk and Zac just wanted to shave half of his head. We have shaved their whole heads now. I'm still losing my hair, it's just really little. =) I have to say it is very cold. I'm always wearing a hat. Sometimes I'm wearing a hat and hoodie. I now know why Clint shaves his head. It's a lot faster in the shower and getting ready to go anywhere. I still have to do my make-up though.

I wasn't able to be with all my family and friends and I have so many who love and care for me. I have other people who shaved their heads for me.

My Dad, Jodie in California and Shawn from my Mom's work

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