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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Complete Diagnois and Chemo

So yesterday was a really long day, that is why I'm just getting to this now. I first met with my Oncologist at 9:20. Side note: Why do they make the appointment for 9:20, tell me to be there at 9:10 and then don't call me in until 9:30? I don't get it. Anyway so the Fellow Oncologist that I'm seeing came in and went over my results of the PET scan.

This is the photo of my scan. In the upper right hand side, (my left) you see some glowing round spots. Those are my cancerous lymph nodes. Below that, in my chest, I have a light glow that is more cancer. The little glow in my chest puts me at a diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage II a. That is pretty good. I honestly thought I would be stage I, but I'm ok with two. They are going to both get the crud kicked out of them. I'll beat it. So with that being said we talked treatment. They have been running test in Germany on patients with Chemo and they were giving them different doses at different times and a bunch of other mumbo jumbo that I didn't pick up on cause' I was out of my mind, but anyway these test that they have ran is allowing me to have a shorter treatment period. Yippee. I will have 2 months of chemo. My treatments are every two weeks. After Chemo I will have 3 weeks of radiation. That is 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. And then we will be on the road to remission. Yay!!!

After that appointment I had to have a pulmonary function test done. I had to walk through the maze of the hospital and make my way to the U. That test was interesting. It reminded me of the machine in Monsters Inc. when they try to suck the screams out of Mike. That test was great. :) After that we went to grab a very quick lunch and for you locals, if you haven't tried the Corner Bakery you should. It's my new favorite place. The Club Panini was awesome. Their mini cookies are great too. OK now I'm hungry. ;) After lunch I drove back up to Huntsman to start Chemo. Now I have been told that I have lovely veins. They never have a problem giving me an IV. Now this time the put it on my wrist and that hurt like H**l. I will never let them do that again. I couldn't move my hand with out it hurting. I actually bawled my eyes out with she did it too. It couldn't have had anything to do with my emotions. So When we finally started the meds it wasn't too bad. They have to push one med in and that took forever. They call it Big Red, or the Red Devil. It's the one that makes you lose your hair. It also makes you pee Red. Go Utes Baby!!! =) We are big Ute fans in our house. On my last drug of the day I had complications. It burned. They used saline to dilute it and it was all better. After my chemo I was suppose to have a echo that I didn't get done in time for so we get to do that another day. All said and done I didn't pull in to my driveway till 6:00 and that was in time to get the family ready for the Blue and Gold Banquet. It was a long, long night. Thank you for all of you who are following you. I love your support. Remember violet/purple is the color to support Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Love you all

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